Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Clean Out Your Life

Today after Catholic League my friend Aileen opened up my bag and (as usual) yelled at me to clean it out. Because basically, it's a mess (along with my room, my locker, my notebooks . . . . ). Then she said to me something along the lines of Clare, this bag represents your life, your life is a mess, CLEAN OUT YOUR LIFE!
This got me thinking. If you're bag is a mess the logical solution is to clean it out. So if you're life is a mess wouldn't the logical solution be to clean that out? If your soul is a mess you should clean it. How? Go to confession. That's what it's there for - to help you clean out your life.
Yes, I know, everyone hates to go to confession because they don't want this priest to know all the terrible things they've done. First of all, you do have the option to go behind the wall thing, the priest never has to know who you are. Secondly have you ever noticed that when you come out of confession you feel like this huge weight has been lifted off your shoulders? Like you just feel so clean! It's an amazing feeling!
Last year at Kellenberg we had a day where pretty much everyone went to confession. My friend Harry said that afterwards it felt like you were walking in a school filled with saints.
There is something terribly humbling about having to tell another human being your sins but it makes the cleansing that much more powerful.
Let God clean out your life - go to confession.

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