Monday, November 19, 2007

The Perfect Man

My teacher once told us this story: "Every year a girl I teach will come to me and say Mr.------- (name omitted to protect the innocent) so-and-so just asked me out! And I'll say But he's a dirtbag. And she'll say oh no he's really great, I love him, he's awesome! And then a week later she'll come crying to me and say Mr.------- he's such a dirtbag!"
I think this is very revealing. I have met many guys, particularly at Kellenberg, who are not dirtbags, they are actually gentlemen. Why would any girl go out with a dirtbag who'll treat her like crud when she could go out with a guy who will actually respect her and treat her like a lady? I don't understand that.
There's nothing wrong with a guy being macho or whatever, that's not what I'm saying. But men are meant to be protectors. That's their "nature". They are supposed to respect women, to hold doors open for them, push chairs under them, and beat the hell out of any guy who disrespects a woman, particularly "their woman". Alot of times nowadays you see that not only are guys not protecting "their woman" they are the one disrespecting and even abusing her!
Girls, remember when you were little and you dreamed of Prince Charming and your Knight in shining armour? Did you ever imagine him pressuring you, hurting you, cheating on you? No? Then why are you settling for that? There are Prince Charmings out there you just have to look for them and accept nothing less. Let any potential boyfriend know that if he doesn't treat you the way you expect to be treated he's through, no questions asked. And if he doesn't respect that then break up with him. Don't cut him any slack. God has something better for you, don't settle for less.


Keith said...
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Keith said...

I am a knight in shining armour