Thursday, November 22, 2007

I Can't Think of a Snazzy Name for this Blog

There is this singer I really like named Taylor Swift. I was listening to her c.d. today. She has a couple songs where she sings about how a guy has hurt her, treated her like dirt, etc. I realized I hear a lot of songs like that. There are a lot of guys out there who are jerks. But I want you girls to understand that you are not condemned to that. I understand that there are guys who seem one way and then turn out to be the total opposite and really hurt you, and there's nothing you can do about that. But when you know a guy is a jerk and you go out with him anyway, or you find out he's a jerk and you stay with him, then you have no right to be sitting around crying your eyes out singing some sad song cuz he hurt you. YOU let him hurt you. You let him treat you like dirt. You let him take advantage of you. And then HE breaks up with you and you turn into a total man-hater cuz he broke your heart and you talk about how all guys are such jerks. How would you know that all guys are jerks? You've dated one. He doesn't stand for the entire male race. He stands for him. I can guarantee, from personal knowledge, that not all guys are jerks. There are quite a few guys out there who are nice guys but because you let one guy be a jerk to you now all guys are total dirtbags. I know it hurts if you find out he's a jerk. But if you know he's a jerk why on earth would you stay with him just to get hurt more? End it now, cry a little, and MOVE ON!!! The longer you hang on the harder it is to break off and the worse it hurts when it ends. And it will end, whether it be tomorrow, next week, or in twenty years.
Us girls have to stop settling. It's because we settle for jerks that there are so many jerks out there. If we let guys know that we won't stand for that there'll be a lot more gentlemen in this world.

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