Thursday, November 22, 2007

A Good Man Is Hard To Find

I am not a feminist. The only feminists I have any respect for are feminists for life. But we're not talking about them today. We're talking about feminists who have Margaret Sanger as their patroness, who are running Planned Parenthood, etc. These feminists aren't about promoting the so-called "rights" of women and gaining equality with men. They are about bashing men. All men. They are not about becoming equal with men they are about becoming better than men. Before I go into the main point of this post let's get something straight. Men and women are different. Yes, I know you learned this in third grade but some of us don't seem to have gotten it through our heads yet. Because we are different we are meant to fulfill different roles. That does not make either gender "better" it just makes us different. And because we are different we "complete" each other. But that's a topic for another day.
The point today is how much man-bashing there is. These feminists bash both gentlemen and jerks alike. Lets start with jerks. These feminists talk about how ALL men think of women as sex-objects. This is blatantly untrue. As I've stated several times before there are many gentlemen in this world you just have to search for them. But the feminists don't like the gentlemen either. They don't like them because the gentlemen of this world are generally more traditional. They hold doors open for women. They pull chairs out for them. They treat women with RESPECT! And they don't give Planned Parenthood any business. The guys giving Planned Parenthood business are the jerks. They are the ones forcing their girlfriends to have abortions. The feminists always talk about the woman's right to choose when in reality the woman is very rarely the one making the choice. A lot of times it's her jerk boyfriend who doesn't want his life interrupted.
But the gentlemen are chivalrous toward women. Shouldn't we like that? Apparently not. Girls don't need guys to hold doors open for them. We don't need chairs pulled out for us. We can "do it ourselves". Yeah, we can. So what? My teacher told us that "women don't know how to be women anymore and therefore men don't know how to be men". Let's face it girls, guys aren't all that intelligent. They need us to show them what to do. And we're confusing them. We say we don't want them to respect us but we don't want them to treat us like sex-objects either. Until we make up our minds don't expect them to figure it out. Personally I'm going with a gentlemen.
P.S. - just kidding about the guys not being that smart thing :-)

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