Thursday, September 2, 2010

Saint of the Day - St. Ingrid of Sweden

Ingrid was born in Skanninge, Sweden in the 13th century. She spent much of her young life under the spiritual direction of the Dominican priest Father Peter of Dacia.

Upon entering adulthood, Ingrid became the first Swedish woman to take the Dominican habit. In 1281 she founded the first Dominican convent in Sweden, St. Martin's, located in her hometown of Skanninge. She lived a cloistered life in St. Martin's until her death of natural causes in 1282.

Throughout her life, Ingrid was known for her sanctity, and a devotion to her sprang up almost immediately following her death and many miracles have been reported at her tomb.

Ingrid's cause for canonization, which had been brought by the Swedish bishops before the Council of Constance, was disrupted by the reformation. In the upheaval of the reformation St. Martin's was destroyed along with St. Ingrid's relics and her cause for canonization was never again taken up, so she has never been formally canonized, but is regarded as a saint by many and has her feast listed on the liturgical calendar.


Jackie Whittle said...

I would like to thank God for St. Ingrid of Sweden, and for the birth of my little Cora Tephra May Medhurst on this her 1st birthday. I ask St. Ingrid to pray for my little Cora May every day of her life. May she to become a saint along with her want to be saint Grammy Jackie. And all the other want to be saints. God Bless Your Life my little Cora May. I love you, Grammy Jackie (joyful marie Jackie)!

Ingrid Nshemereirwe said...

St'Ingrid,pray for me.