Friday, August 7, 2009

Health Care

My younger brother has Asperger Syndrome which is a form of autism, a mental disorder. Basically it means that he's socially awkward and has severe anger problems. As you can imagine my parents have had to take him to alot of doctors over the years which means they have had to pay alot of doctor's bills. On top of this my brother also developed a digestive disorder called celiac disease, I have anxiety disorder, and then you throw in all the regular pediatrician, dentist, and orthodontist bills and it adds up to alot. Honestly, I have no idea how my parents have managed to pay all these doctor bills and still keep a roof over our heads. But my dad worked overtime, my mom got a job, they sacrificed alot, and now my brother is on the right medications and his anger is basically under control, as is my anxiety.

Now the government is going to come in and tell us that we have to get on line. We may not be able to see the doctors who have been taking care of us for all these years. We may not be able to get the medications we need.

So why did my parents even bother? It would have saved them alot of money to just ignore our problems. We could've afforded to add on to the house like my mom's always wanted to. We could've gone on more expensive vacations. Honestly, why should they bother spending all that money taking care of us when the government's just gonna come in and tell them we can't get the care anyway?

Oh wait! That's called child abuse. So why is it that when parents deny their children medical care it's called abuse but when the government does it it's called "fairness"?

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