Tuesday, March 18, 2008

But Wait - There's More!


"Gov. David Patterson admits to numerous affairs"

Can we please have leaders we can be proud of? I was positively giddy over Governor Spitzer's downfall and of course I'm always happy to see morons fall flat on their faces but enough is enough. I'm ready for the United States to have respectable leaders, leaders that I, as an American, can be proud of.

The United States is too great a nation to be made a fool of by our idiot politicians.

The United States was made a laughing stock when Bill Clinton's affairs came out. New York is now a laughing stock from Governor Spitzer. And though New Yorkers may be willing to overlook Governor Patterson's behavior in the name of unity, I'm sure the rest of the country is only laughing the harder at us.

All I know is I'm tired of laughing. It's not funny anymore. I said in my post about Governor Spitzer that if a politician can't keep the most important promise of his life, the promise, before God, to be faithful to his wife, than he's not gonna keep his far less important campaign promises. If you can't keep the most important promise of your life then you don't deserve to be in politics. You do not represent me and my beliefs. And no one has the right to make a laughing stock out of the country that I am proud of, the country that our soldiers have fought and died for. Our nation deserves better than that.


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