Friday, February 8, 2008

So I saw the movie Juno today and there was one scene that particularly struck me. When she first tells her boyfriend that she's pregnant he asks her what she's gonna do. And she says that she's probably gonna get an abortion. The way she says this is almost pleading. The way she looks at him is begging him to tell her not to do that. But he doesn't want to tell her what to do, so he tells her to do whatever she wants.

So many unwed pregnant mothers just want to hear someone say "It'll be alright." Juno looked at her boyfriend and pleaded with him to tell her that he would be a good father, that they could do this, that she didn't have to go through with the abortion. But men have been taught by our society that they should never try to tell a woman what to do. This is a woman's choice and you have no say in it.

All this when what most women need is a man to stand up and take responsibility. How many babies could be saved if men would act like men and take responsibility for their actions.

My teacher once told us that "women don't know how to be women and therefore men don't know how to be men." If the women of this world would act like women with expectations of their men then the men of this world would be far more willing to stand up for the well-being of their woman and child.

However in this culture if a man tells a woman she shouldn't get an abortion he is a sexist and the pro-life movement is once again labeled as "a bunch of men telling women what to do."

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noyourwrong said...

A man can not ultimately stop an abortion. Just cause a man says no do not have an abortion will not stop a woman and thats what the men of today know.For example the case that brought abortion to be legal the father of the baby did not want the abortion he pleaded and she still had one. So you saying "how many babies could be saved if men would act like men and take responsibility for their actions" is just absurd. This is because the guy can not physically stop a woman from doing that and since its her body she will do as she wishes.